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Healthcare Services

Clarion provides hands-on operational oversight and deep domain expertise to help entrepreneurial and family-owned companies build businesses of enduring value.

We have significant experience supporting healthcare service companies focused on cost containment and unlocking their unique intangible values. As an engaged partner, we will work with you on growth initiatives such as refining your go-to-market strategy, expanding your sales force, improving risk management, executing mergers and acquisitions, and implementing ERP systems.

We continuously interact with healthcare service executives, analysts, and intermediaries, which we feel enables us to identify market trends and be the go-to-partner to solve the complex operational and finance challenges holding back your firm’s growth. Clarion has extensive experience in health insurance, workers’ compensation, pharmacy benefit administration, revenue cycle management, and behavioral health. Our role as a trusted and highly collaborative partner is to provide you with the resources, operational expertise, and industry relationships to realize your vision.

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Jonathan M. Haas

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